Vortex Designer & Manufacturer in India

Bluechip Amusements is introducing The Vortex, a walk in the space effect for the first time in India. Optical illusions can play on the minds of the onlookers and visitors as they take a walk into virtual reality and experience what is on offer.

Presenting The Vortex

This offers an unforgettable experience to the visitors – a space walk, the feel, the look and all those that you can get to see only if you are lucky enough to be traveling onto space, can be felt, experienced and fantasized right here on earth and that too in the city that you live in!


As you take the space walk, you can see shooting stars fly past you, planets that look like what you have dreamt them to be right in front of your eyes, simulating your senses and bringing excitement, joy and wonder as you walk past the carefully and safely created walk through space.

Walk Through

Like all walk-through, this also has a single entrance and single exit where you need to go along the path. Clouds, lightning, planets all reveal themselves as you walk into the rotating tunnel created especially for such visual treats.

Hanging On Empty Space

The illuminations are provided where it is needed therefore presenting a resemblance of the “Mission to Mars” alien contact scene! The walk inside feels so real that at times visitors try to hold on to something for balance as they can feel that they are hanging out there in the middle of nowhere on empty space.

Why The Vortex Is The Best Optical Illusion Entertainment

  • It offers a whole new perspective to optical illusions
  • It is a simple concept but an effective crowd puller
  • The design and construction are simple but enthralling

 Apart from the Vortex there are other distractions or rather attractions available for businesses to make use of. These are;

News & Events

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5D Simulator installed Mahalakshmi Plaza, Villupuram

Installed Mirror Maze and Infinity Room in Fantasy Park, Palakad.

Mirror Maze and Vortex Installed in Hilite Mall, Cochin.

5D Simulator and Horror House installed in Berhampur, Orissa.

5D Simulator installed in Bigbazar,Sambalpur,Orissa.

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