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Mirror Maze is the most amazing visually enticing illusion that provides thrilling effects. It offers an amazing and enjoyable experience to those who enter it. This is another product of Bluechip Amusements that never fails to amaze!

What Attracts Attraction To Mirror Maze

  • Those who enter lose sight of the exit and thereby find themselves in a sort of a puzzle box
  • Most of the visitors to Mirror Maze take time in finding out the actual path while their eyes throw them challenges to do so
  • Passages are intentionally with plenty of twists and turns making them more complex and therefore exciting
  • Beautiful lights light up the passageway and the mirror reflect them resembling a heaven like ambience
  • Most visitors to the Mirror Maze indulge in self humor as the more they look for a way out, the more they get deeper into the puzzle looking at themselves in the multiple reflections
  • The passageway is filled with colorful arches that are made more beautiful with the lights around them

Special Features That Make Mirror Maze Amazing

Mirror Arrangement

High class plain mirrors are arranged in a logical sequence that provides more clarity and illusions for visitors.

Specially Designed Pillars

Solid pillars that combine with colorful arch-like profiles made of FRP on both sides make up the pathway adding color and different dimensions to the same thing.


Beautiful lightings fill up all through the passage while reflecting on their images and their reflections making the entire passage look like a large palace gateway.


Nothing feels more spectacular than some good music for the ears while visitors are busy figuring out how to get out of that gigantic puzzle box.


The floors are decked up with colorful carpets that sync beautifully with the rest of the decorum.


We always pride on our safety measures and it is no different when it comes to circuits. We use low voltage circuits, laminated mirrors and the pathways are pretty spacious to walk through.

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