Infinity Room For Infinite Excitement Indoors

The Infinity Room Offering Turnkey Entertainment

The Infinity Room offers an excitement that cannot be explained but only experienced! True to its name, it resembles a never ending expanse thanks to its design that plays some tricks on the mind.

The Infinity Room – What It Is

The Infinity Room is created from a room or cabin or a mini hall. It is made from reliable steel construction, combined with high quality plywood, has mirrors in place for reflections creating an infinite illusion on the minds of its visitors and is illuminated to create the effect. It is aesthetically designed with glass partitions adorning both sides of the wall. The inner walls, floor and ceiling are completely decked with superior quality mirrors from Saint Gobain and the LED lightings that are stripped to the corners of the rooms create the expansive effect on the visitors who walk into the Infinity Room.

The Specifics


The room size can be variant – anything that has a length between 16 ft to 24 ft, width between 8 ft to 12ft and height of 8ft in measurement can be converted into the Infinity Room. The size however depends on the customer as it can be customized to suit individual requirements but the bigger the size, better is the experience.


Steel structure and high quality plywood goes into the making of the Infinity Room. The steel structure is covered with plywood on all four sides. The ceiling and the floor alone is left uncovered. Colored carpet adorns the floor and special mirrors from Saint Gobain are positioned on the plywood covered four walls and the ceiling.


The Infinity Room comprises of the entry door, an aisle and an exit door. This is again a one way ticket, a walk through where the visitors have to walk through the isle to experience the feel. Strip LED lighting is used to cover the corners of the mirrored sides. Laser lights that are in sync with the theme of the set-up are fixed on one side of the wall. The theme varies from 2 to 5 depending on the sequence and duration of the lighting.


The light rays from the laser lights and the LED lights get reflected from the mirrors on the walls and ceiling and creates a spectacular sight. The pattern of reflection extends to infinity and beyond.

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