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If you want to freak out your visitors there is nothing like letting them inside our Horror House! The Horror House can be a good choice if you are looking for a crowd puller. What more, it isn’t even complicated, it can be fitted into a 1000 sq ft area quite easily. A building or shed will do to have your own Horror House. This can make an ideal choice for exhibitions, common get-togethers and not to mention Halloween!


Bluechip Amusements Advanced Technology

With the help of advanced technology plenty of special effects can make help create the haunted effect. The special effects comprises of both visual and audio effects. A multi channel power amplifier adds spice to the environment inside the Horror House.

Indoor Horror House from BCA

Plenty of in-house adventure is possible for those who dare to enter the Horror House. Here are the specials that the audiences are bound to enjoy and feel the haunted experience;

  • Ceiling – false ceiling with 8 feet clearance
  • Lighting – controlled lighting that is designed specifically for particular spots at different stages in the house
  • Controls – infra red sensors and pneumatics with customizable logic control
  • Safety – the passageway is completely illuminated and the entire house is filled with low voltage power sourced equipments. This ensures that the safety aspects are well managed.
  • Cool – the entire Horror House is air conditioned suitable to the common customer’s comfort level
  • Layout – there are separate entrance and exit doors that allows free flow of traffic from one end to the other therefore it never creates any movement hazards.

Regular three phase connection is good enough to power the Horror House. This is inclusive of the air conditioner. There are different sounds available for different horror themes. This is a full walk through and that can chill and thrill the visitors beyond anything that they can imagine.

 Apart from the Horror House there are other distractions or rather attractions available for businesses to make use of. These are;

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