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One of the best entertainments in the present day is to offer some thrills and chills to your visitors which has been proved to attract more visitors every passing day as the word gets out. This isn’t as scary as some of the other attractions at Bluechip Amusement but can give you the creeps of entering into the jungle with only the jungle and its creatures as company!

BCA’s Freaky Jungle
Freaky Jungle has the entire flavor it needs and it is rightly blended with the perfect decorum that can send a shudder down the spine. It is as good as it comes and it can be set up by BCA’s expert team of technicians who will ensure that the right precautions have been taken while assembling and also after completion during the maintenance period.

It can be seen mostly aligned with many indoor activities or entertainment like the Haunted House. Important aspects of the Freaky Jungle have all been taken utmost care by Bluechip Amusement. Some of them are discussed below;

Area Requirement – 1000 sq ft floor area with 10 ft height

Frontage – Theme oriented and creative frontage to attract visitors

Audio Effects – audio that sounds like the eerie of the forest with all those wild animals hunting for a prey offers a close to forest like situation for visitors to enjoy

Illumination – there are special illuminators and control lighting that is designed to suit the need at every stage

Effects – special effects are always special and these are controlled by advanced technology which is shared with the franchise who too can benefit from it.

Controls – pneumatics, PLC with infra red sensors

Safety: sufficient lightning is provided to keep the passage way all lighted up. The entire equipment is controlled by low voltage DC power source.

Pleasant Feel – the air conditioner offers a special feel for the visitor walking through the Freaky Jungle.

Free Flowing Walkout – the place has separate entry and exit on either side of the room and hence the visitors have to walk through.

BVA offers plenty of other services that can be chosen with the Freaky Jungle option; here are a few that might be interesting……

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