Capsule Simulation


The Capsule Simulator is an advanced motion simulation equipment that is completely enclosed in the form of a capsule with 14 seats built into it. The entire capsule is mounted on a dynamic motion base, which simulates the movements shown in the film.

Dynamic Motion Base

Our motion base is designed to provide 3 Degrees of Freedom (DOF) viz. moving up and down (heave), tilting side to side (roll) and tilting forward and backward (pitch) and is controlled by high response servo valve actuators. The entire motion base is made of high quality steel sections and three axis movements take place using ball and needle bearing.

Capsule Shell and Doors

The capsule shell is manufactured using high quality fiber reinforced plastic to ensure high durability and performance. The capsule includes fully automatic twin gull wing doors on either side that are pneumatically controlled. The capsule is fully air-conditioned using 3 ton split AC manufactured by LG. The inner walls of the capsule are lined with high grade acoustic material and provide an aesthetic ambience.

Audio System

State of the art audio speakers from BOSE and amplifiers by DENON support up to 7.1 channel surround sound. Using these high performance speakers for main channel coupled with a powerful sub woofer is guaranteed to provide a realistic acoustic experience.

Video System

Digital video projector system by HITACHI (2500 ANSI Lumens, short throw) provides a high quality viewing experience using a high quality rear projection screen.

Seating System

Ergonomically designed, single mould polyurethane seating system is guaranteed to provide the best comfort. To this we have added a mechanical safety bar system to provide complete safety to the audience while the capsule simulator is in motion. The total capacity of the simulator is 14 seats.

Hydraulic Power Pack

Powered by a three phase AC induction motor, coupled with a vane pump, accumulator, heat exchanger, check valve and pressure relief valves, the hydraulic power pack is sure to provide excellent productive capacity and durable performance. This also features an imported pressure line oil filter.

Centralized Control Panel

The control panel features an advanced proprietary imported motion controller, switching power supply and imported MCB and OLR.

Safety Features

We provide state of the art safety features in our product. The safety features include

  • Built in safety control for emergency stop due to
    • Low pressure
    • Heated hydraulic oil
  • Emergency stop buttons in capsule console and control console
  • Fire detectors in capsule console
  • Mechanical safety supports
  • Mechanical safety stoppers for all three axes
  • Automatic sink at controlled rate to stable position in the event of power failure
  • Motion base is firmly anchored on all four corners to withstand dynamic load conditions

Ride Films

Our esteemed customers are welcome to choose the films from our extensive library. As part of the standard equipment, we provide four 2D films (Space Ride, Mazy Mine, Forbidden Castle, and Insectopia). Another highly awaited movie (Mission Azura) will be provided free of cost within 4 months of product installation. We also provide services for choosing ride films from international sources at a very nominal price.

General Specifications

Total Length of Capsule Simulator – 5000 mm
Height of Capsule Simulator (Idle mode) – 3500 mm
Max Height of Capsule Simulator (Operating mode) – 5200 mm
Stroke of Hydraulic Cylinder – 650 mm
Motion Base Seating Area – 3000 x 2200 mm

News & Events

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5D Simulator and Horror House installed in Berhampur, Orissa.

5D Simulator installed in Bigbazar,Sambalpur,Orissa.

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