Top 3 reasons why 6D/7D/9D movies are more fun than 3D movies?

6D movies provide a fantastic break from routine and can provide the much needed thrill that many people seek, without having to travel. While 3D movies are becoming popular in mainstream cinemas across the world, the experiences enjoyed in 6D/7D/9D movies are unparalleled.

1. Exciting rides: There are some really crazy rides that can wind up your adrenaline and keep it high. However, you need to travel abroad, find an expert and then expect to bungee jump or sky dive or even come down a snow mountain in a sleigh. Not anymore, there are ride 6D/7D/9D movies that are thrilling from start to finish. The rush after these rides are close to actually taking part in these rides, minus the risks involved.

Most of these ride movies are focused around a central character, which you will assume, so it gets as close to actually taking part in the ride. Most people lose themselves and enjoy the dramatic ride that usually ends in an unexpected ending, making the ride thoroughly enjoyable.

2. Amusement movies: Amusement 6D/7D/9D movies are all about graphical extravaganza, the surreal aspects to life. There are emotions involved in these movies with a lot of garnish in the form of vibrating chairs to sprinkling water included to elevate the viewer experience.

3. Short time: The experience of 6D/7D/9D movies last from 5 minutes to half an hour. So there is no question of using up too much of your time. It is all about sitting back and enjoying the ride of your life that will keep you enthralled for days to come.

3D movies of mainstream cinema offer greater depth of viewing, however the additional thrill associated with 6D7D/9D cinemas surmount 3D movies and are fast becoming increasingly popular in malls across the world. They are highly entertaining, taking the entire crowd into a spin with splashes of electrifying moments. Since the time span for these movies is relatively short, it allows the entire family to enjoy a wonderful experience, or men and children can escape into a world of fun while women shop at malls.

These short bursts of entertainment have been carefully pieced together understanding viewer expectations, with the onus on creating an art form that is as close to reality and which gives the viewer a taste of the adventure.

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