Ever Been In A 5D Motion Chair? A Study Of How Things Work In A 5D Chair

Have you ever visited a 5D cinema, have you been through the experience of a lifetime with some of those scintillating moments still etched in your memory, refusing to go away no matter how much you try? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you have been there, felt it and are still at a loss of words to explain how you felt! For those who haven’t been there in the first place, here is what you need to know – a teeny weeny bit of what you may experience and for those who have been through a 5D movie experience, this will help you understand what hit you out there!!!

5D Motion Chairs – Contributing To The Viewing Experience
5D motion chairs are the ones that ultimately incorporate the movements that sync with the video that is being played on the screen. The chairs work in sync with the movie and according to the movements of the movie offer special add-ons such as side to side movements, forward and backward movements, up and down movements, etc. For instance while viewing the 3D film that shows the experience of a roller coaster ride, the seats of the cinema move along with that of the movie offering you the experience of being on a roller coaster without actually being on it. The simulation is so close to perfect that the experience is close to reality.

This is mainly done to involve the audience into the video shown while offering an original experience that integrates with the story line. Special effects can also be incorporated into the motion chairs where the start of an engine while driving a car can be made realistic with the vibrators on the seats that offer just what you may experience while being on a car. Some other special effects also include ticklers for specific instigation of your sensory organs in line with the movie screened.

Why It Is Important
Motions chairs play a very significant role in multi dimensional theatre systems. 5D films are encoded with special effects which may not be effective without these motion chairs. A 3D film can give you nothing more than a drab singular feel if not for these awesome motion chairs that bring in the element of surprise, thrills and chills which can never be experienced in normal seats.
Motion chairs enhance the viewing experience by offering additional enjoyment while watching a movie. It offers a unique movie experience that apart from the seat movements and ticklers also offers special air jets to simulate breeze, water sprays to simulate rain drops, special sub woofers that can enhance the sound when needed to add to the surrounding effects.

Special Features That Sets 5D Motion Chairs Apart
5D motion chairs are specifically designed and engineered to perfect the experience of the movie viewing audience. This is one of the best technological innovations that have been made available at the retail level, if not the best. The motion chairs offer six degrees of freedom – it can move to the right, to the left, to the front to the back, a little above and a little below thereby offering all kinds of major movements possible and needed while viewing the movie. This hydraulic technology is very similar to that which is used in flight simulators only that this is an improvised version of the same as flight simulators have only three degrees of freedom at the moment.

Motion Theatre Chairs EffctsThrilling Special Effects on Motion Chairs
For the thrills and the chills, the water sprays, wind blasts, vibrations and push backs add to the effect. Here is a gist of the special effects that audiences can feel on the 5D motion chairs;
Vibrations – The vibrators are inbuilt into the cushion of the seats instigating a very fast push up and push down action that offers a vibrating feeling.
Movements and Tumbling Action – Up, down, right, left movements that resemble a tumbling action can be made good with the help of the 6 degrees of freedom available – rising, falling, running, flying, etc., can be simulated with the help of the hydraulics present in the seats.
Water Spray – The water sprays can be used to simulate a quick movement near a fountain, a sneeze or a mild drizzle, a broken pipe, sprays from waterfalls, etc.
Leg Ticklers – Small elastic air hoses near the legs of the seats help to simulate small animal movements near the feet such as snakes, rats, rabbits, etc. Some heavy simulations can also be effected with calf muscle ticklers.
Air Jets – To simulate the impact of explosions, flying, driving a cycle or riding a bike, the air jets can be used. The jets gushes air through nozzles that are focused mainly on the head and neck for effective simulations.
Push Back – The push forward and push back movements are best for simulating electric shocks. This is combined with vibrations for an enhanced effect.