5D Films – Futuristic Entertainment Model

Audiences have been obsessed about experiencing a thing or two about what they can expect in the future. Anything that has a futuristic viewpoint has always been a hit among the masses. The latest to join the list has been 5d theater. James Cameron showed us the way through his technological wonder and the biggest money making film of all time up until now! He has always been a great dreamer had has made his dreams a reality through all the mega hits that has he has produced on the silver screen.

Avatar was a standing example of how he saw the future with 5 dimensional view offered to audiences that was all made a reality on the screen unlike the shorter versions of the 5 D models where extra additions have been introduced through feel, by triggering the sensory organs for a virtual feel of being a part of the movie.

3 D Glasses – Its Impact On Cinema Viewing
The 3 D glasses have always been on contention only that it was forgotten briefly by the film producers who were keen on offering more to the naked eye than the multi dimensional viewpoints. It is only fair to say that the 3D concept did not set the stage on fire in Hollywood at least and took some time to establish with the audiences. Thanks to James Cameron, through his Avatar, we saw the re-introduction of 3 D glasses and this time though, it was here to stay. Can we say, people evolved or cinema evolved – actually it is both ways!

The re-introduction of the 3D glasses saw movies being viewed on a different pedestal. Soon all and frenzy were making movies that were 3 D compatible so that everyone can experience the joy of enjoying those intricate things that are carefully magnified in a multi dimensional movie. The massive response to the 3 D movies saw the entrance of the 5D cinemas which will be the way forward for all and sundry in the world of cinema.

The 5D Impact
There is no doubting the fact that the 5D model has made a tremendous impact on the minds of people. 5D in the digital cinema world as of today is about adding that extra feel in equaling content to context. It is about the message synchronizing with the form, the involvement of the audience with that they see on the screen and indulging in the experience of it even though it is only a virtual display. To add spice to the 3D video is the physical movement of chairs, water sprays, bubble blowers, air jets, snowflakes, etc. All these add value to the on screen show thereby offering a scintillating experience for the audience.

Muscle and Sensory Memory
It is a fact that our mind remembers more when the muscles and senses are involved in the action. The swaying of seats, the feel of the wind blowing on the face, the chill of the snow clad mountains, the droplets of rain falling on the face, etc. offer a never-to-forget experience as it gets registered as a muscle and sensory memory. This, invariably makes it special for audiences.
The blue eyed boys of the silver screen are very much aware of this aspect and are all ready to give it their best shot when factual 5D films are released. The present day 5D films that include the Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. are made using two cameras positioned to make the most of different angles and dimensions with 3D and a 2D one working simultaneously. Merging a 3D film with that of such physical effects can take the world of movies to new heights, which has been predicted as the future of films.

5D – The Future Modus Operandi
5D films are one way of ruining the chances of the film piracy – the downtown piracy brigades may have to cut a sorry figure when they cannot offer the experience that a 5D movie offers to them. The more the audience realizes this, the more crowds will come to the cinemas than watching a blockbuster movie at the comfort of their homes. 5D films could possibly change the face of cinema in the years to come – from being technology savvy, filmdom will be moving to experience savvy. 5D short films are already seeing fully packed auditoriums for all shows.

The extra thrills are always good advertisement for any movie and that is the direction that the movie makers will be treading in the immediate future. The concept has become a hit, but converting this hit model to the advantage of a premier industry will take time and patience. There is one thing sure though, 5D cinema will become the modus operandi in the future with the film industry already welcoming it with open arms.