5D Cinema – The Next Big Business Opportunity

Cinema has never failed to surprise us and it has thrown so many avenues, introduced some innovations and made viewing a pleasure, an experience to cherish. One of the modern day wonder in the world of cinemas is the introduction of 5D Cinema. This has opened up a new avenue for budding entrepreneurs as it is being looked at as a lucrative business option due to its crowd pulling capabilities.

Why is 5D Cinema the Best Bet?
Business is a gamble, we all know that, those who invest aren’t vary of that. It is important though that the safest route to success is chosen. 5D cinema falls into that category. For starters, the investment isn’t as much as you would be expected to invest in any other business. People flock into watch 5D movies as there is more to it than the regular three dimensional ones that are out on the theatres. Special effects are very alluring like moving seats, foam sprays, water sprays, that makes it more interesting.
The movie durations are lesser which offers more shows per day thereby making it a viable option to have. The seating capacity can have small families inside the movie hall that allows an entire family to have fun together, making it an ideal option to have in malls, exhibitions, multiplexes and public places where people gather in numbers. 5D cinema does not need a large space to work with. Any 800 sq feet room will do, which therefore substantiates the point that there is no need for heavy capital investment.

5D Cinema A Commercial Success
Realistic simulations that add to the physical experience of the movie goers have made 5D cinema a grand commercial success. The fact that this does not demand a heavy investment has added value to many young entrepreneurs who are looking for new avenues for business. The entertainment industry appreciates new innovations and there is all there is to take through 5 D movies. It can be used as an attraction for not just big malls, but also in exhibitions, amusement parks, expos, cinema theaters, planetariums, theme parks, etc., thereby adding value and another dimension to the already existing entertainment for audiences.
Made to Feel Like The Audiences Are A Part of the Film
The fact that the audiences feel that they belong in the movie that is shown makes it a class act not to mention the special add-ons in the form of water sprays, air jets, seat ticklers, neck blasts and vibrations. Some special effects also include bubbles, snowflakes, rain, smoke and wind that make viewing a different experience all-together for the audiences to an extent that there will be more repeated audiences for the shows.

More Shows More Revenue
5D films aren’t very long which offers the advantage if having more shows than normal. More shows mean, more revenue. Hence for the same film you can earn more revenue and especially after that experience more often than not the people who walk out will be talking about the video and in a crowded environment it becomes free advertisement without having to spend an additional dime on it.

Different Movies For Different Screenings
To add onto that, there are more than one film that is shown in 5D theatres which offers an additional thrill even to those who have already been there before accounting for a different experience each time they step into the 5 D cinema hall. Repeated audiences are always a healthy sign and you will find more of them walking into the hall when you display different movies.

The Experience That Wants Audience To Come Back for More
The experience offers more for your mind to ogle about in a 5 D cinema. If you take a roller coaster ride, the video, the chair movements and not to mention the special glasses, make you feel that you are going on that ride yourself. The add-ons such as water sprays when you splash your way through a fountain or the extra chilling effect when you transcend on a snow clad mountain, add value to the experience which makes audiences come back for more. There will be a high number of repeated audiences which will make your business a commercial success all the way.

Edutainment Models
This can also be used effectively in the educational industry where new avenues are being explored to make learning interesting and easy for young minds. Hence there are many schools in the country that would prefer to take a trip to 5 D theatres where educative videos relating to life on planets or deep sea adventures are being shown. This therefore offers another scope for business apart from being just an entertainment model for stressed minds and sore eyes!