How 5D Is Changing The World As We Know It

The new era of advanced virtual cinema has rocked the world and the thrills and chills of it cannot be compared to anything that the normal cinema offered in the yester years. Gone are the days when the likes of Dinosaurs and King Kongs were lauded just for the majestic sets and scintillating music. We are in the era of 5D cinema where apart from the three dimensional viewpoint with the glasses on, there is also add-on effects that make watching cinema an experience and not just an entertainment.

5D Cinema Theatre An Experience Not Just Entertainment
The synchronization of some special and live effects along with 3 D cinema have made 5 D cinema in a league of its own. There have been improvisations made since but the basic foundation was built around getting the audiences completely involved with what is happening on the screen. The addition of physical elements have made the transition to 5D an enthralling experience for the audience and is seen as the first step in making this possible even for longer versions of videos and movies in comparison to the shorter ones that are in practice at the moment.

Improvisation from 3 D
The first and most obvious improvisation has been the 3D glasses. The usual 3D glasses are plain shutter glasses whilst the ones that are used for 5 D contain liquid crystals to let the light through. This enables the light entering through the glasses to be in sync with the images that are shown on the screen. It is important to remember though that these glasses do not come cheap. The movement of these liquid glasses makes the images look cleaner and clearer thereby offering an absolute three dimensional view of the movie on the screen.

In order to provide an immersive and involved experience, some special effects like the movement of seats, fog, smell, wind, lightning, etc., are used thereby making 5D cinema special in every way. Some seats offer six degrees of freedom meaning, the seats are capable of moving in six different ways and the motion is synchronized with the movie on the screen hence providing an extraordinary experience.

Being a new generation attraction that makes you feel the real emotions of a movie, 5 D cinemas are the future of the contemporary movie world. It is only a matter of time that regular movies will be shown in 5D to enhance the experience for the audiences. It is all about discovering the presence of oneself in the movie that is viewed which has taken the world by storm at the moment.

5d Cinema in theatre Effects5 D Cinema In the World of Movies
In order for 5 D to become a success in the movie world, there are certain changes that need to be incorporated. For starters, the software that synchronizes the video played along with the movement of the seats and the special effects need to be in place for a prolonged period of time. Also, the constraints of not being able to offer such sudden movement and jerks to everyone in the movie audiences can be thought as a shortcoming. We never have such problems with regular movie screenings. Improvisations are being worked on each passing day and it is only a matter of time when we experience the influence of 5 D in regular movie screenings.

5 D Cinema audience ExperienceAudience Expectations
The expectation levels of the audiences have risen above the contemporary cinematic world. As technology reaches the limit of speed and human perception, the entertainment industry has shown that it is no muck with such upgrades and has moved from technology based entertainment to experience based entertainment. In the near future the success of a movie will be rated on the impact it had on the audience rather than the entertainment value that we knew it to be. It is a fact that we are still in the technological upgrading era, but very soon we will be witnessing the emergence of 14-stop screen projection and 18.6 surround sound to add to the effects of cinema.

The Transition
The transition is already on – movies like Avatar, Lord of the Rings are examples of using a 5th dimensional angle in the world of cinemas. But it has all been shown on the screen and not so much off it. In due course it will not be surprising to see all that being part of the cinema world. The transition is on and we can see that by the emphatic response that the 5 D short videos and cinemas are doing at the moment. This is a definite crowd puller alright. Anything that is a commercial success rarely gets missed by the big boys of the movie world. James Cameron had already hinted that 5D films will be the way of the future and so be it. With the super stars already embracing it, it is only a matter of time when the silver screen cumulatively goes 5 D!