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9D motion theatre cinema systems have allowed us to plunge into the world of virtual reality where technology has been perfectly used to combine and create visual effects, while playing on the minds of the audiences through their perception. This make sure that audiences are fully involved as to what is happening on the screen offering them an enticing experience that cannot be enjoyed by all otherwise.

9D Cinema Equipment – Motion Simulators From BCA
The effects of what audiences see are made into a reality via the 9D cinema equipments from Bluechip Amusements. Movements and feels such as the warm rays of the sun, the brisk wind on the face, the coolness of the clouds, the humid air, the ocean breeze, the slight drizzle, etc., can be felt thanks to the overall impact that the entire 9D cinema from BCA has.

Some of the 9D motion simulators help in achieving this along with the dynamic and hydraulic seats and chairs that come with it. Some environmental effects also play a part in making this exciting for the audiences. The popular stimulants are;

  • Lightning simulations
  • Sound effects including surround sound
  • Mist sprays
  • Water jets
  • Air jets
  • Back ticklers
  • Leg ticklers
  • Butt ticklers
  • Seat vibrations
  • Neck blast
  • Smoke simulation
  • Bubble simulation
  • Wind simulation
  • Snow simulation
  • Rain simulation

The highlight points for 9D theatres in India from BCA are given below;

  • ┬áComputer controlled system
  • 3D glasses for watching the films
  • Special effects system
  • Sound system
  • Special projection 3D screen
  • Hydraulic motion chairs and seats

9D cinema equipments from BCA offer great rate of returns for those investing on this. A mere 1000 sq feet area is good enough to convert even a caravan into a mini theatre, therefore space contingency is taken care of.
BCA offers plenty of other products that can be combined with the 9D theatre to produce a good entertainment set-up that is ideal for amusement parks, shopping malls, theatres, planetariums, edutainment centers, etc.

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