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Bluechip Amusements, the 7D cinema company, offers plenty of bizarre experiences for the audience that almost makes virtual reality a reality and makes them go through the motions that are similar to that of the movie that is being screened.

It makes the audiences to go through the veil of time, contacts with virtual monsters, terror confrontations, flights over valleys, plains and mountains, having a virtual feel of speed and passion. 7D cinema system has become the most popular systems in India off late and experiencing it with BCA makes it all the more special. The 7D cinema simulators and the hydraulic seating systems, offer an enticing experience for the audience making them want more.

7D Cinema Equipment From BCA Offering Turnkey Solutions

7D cinema equipment from Bluechip Amusements have been popular for its ability to transform a 1000 sq feet area into a thrilling experience for the audience makes it an ideal choice for all those first time entrepreneurs.

Some enthralling special effects have added to the flavor of the 7D cinema control and theatrical systems offered by BCA. Here are a few that has impressed businessmen and audiences alike;

Bubble Effects
You can see plenty of multicolored bubbles floating in the air that syncs completely with the film that you are viewing offering a multi dimensional view and experience. It creates a lively atmosphere in the theatre.

Snow Effects
Simulated snowflakes will come drift down the indoor theatre that can make the audiences experience the silver world that they are looking at on the screen.

Smoke Effects
The smoke effect create a foggy atmosphere inside the theatre, this is used for both fog effects as well as for smoke effects.

Other special effects
Other special effects include water spray, air jets, seat vibrations, ticklers, lightning, etc.

Viewers can enjoy a thrilling movie experience with a combination of all these additional motion programming. Using this enticement, we also offer in the creation of some exciting crowd pulling options by the way of…

This entire package can be real handy in shopping malls, amusement parks, theatre projects, expos, planetariums, exhibitions, edutainment centers, etc.

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