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6D theatre simulation equipments from Bluechip Amusements offers plenty of positives and is one of the best entertainment models that can be positioned in shopping malls, edutainment centers, theatres, planetariums, exhibitions and expos. This offers a multi angle experience for 3D cinema that encompasses the screen, seats and surround sounds. This offers not just a visual treat but a complete experience for audiences and is a big hit among motion theatre operatives.

6D Cinema Equipment From Bluechip Amusements

Bluechip Amusements offers hydraulic motion seats that facilitate easy movements. The seat movements are in complete sync with the 3D film. 6D is further enhancing the 5D experience, it has all that the 5D cinemas offer and has a designing idea of enhanced degree of freedom to the 5D option. It offers an excitement filled journey for the audience that brings virtual reality to life with its forward, backward, up, down and side movements of seats.

6D Motion Theater / Simulator Making Its Mark In India
Being one of the most renowned 6D theatre manufacturers and suppliers in India, Bluechip Amusements offer plenty of advantages for those who are looking to make the most of this thriving business. Here are a handpicked few;

The Wind Machine
Audiences can feel the wind blowing on their faces, back of their necks and between the chairs, thanks to the air jets and turbines that makes it happen. It offers a pleasing comfort that will make the experience more enchanting.

When there is thunder and lightning on the film, the audiences feel it the dazzle of it inside the theatre. This is the effect of simulated lightning. This is made more effective with the roar of thunder with the surround sound showings its effect.

Water Spray
The water spray can simulate rain fall and the audience can actually feel water spraying on them as they watch the movie, making for a lively experience.

Other Stimulants
There are plenty of other stimulants such as ticklers, rain effects, snow effects, bubble effects, smoke effects, etc.

The motor control system and hydraulic seat movements are safe to use and hence Bluechip Amusements has been able to amuse quite a few people in the entertainment industry through not only 6D indoor theatrical systems but also through;

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