5D Hydraulic Simulator

The 5D cinema equipment concept is relatively new in this part of the world. This combines the positives of both 3D and 4D cinemas while offering that additional thrust in the way of state-of-the-art sound effects, seat effects and special simulations that leave the audiences mesmerized and wanting for more.

5D Cinema Simulator Theatre Projects From Bluechip Amusements
Bluechip Amusements introduces 5D indoor theatrical systems where the theatre screen alone ceases to be the platform. The entire theatre infrastructure that includes seats, walls, roofs, combines with lightning, water sprays, wind, into a whole live experience offering an electrifying, cinematic reality.

5D Cinema System Potentials
Bluechip Amusements, 5D cinema equipment suppliers, has found plenty of potential for 5D theatre installations in the leisure and entertainment industry as well as the educational industry. This includes theme parks, amusement parks, shopping malls, cinema theatres, planetariums, exhibitions, expos, etc. Especially in the edutainment industry, it has a very wide scope and huge target market segment. This can be the first stepping stone for dynamic and budding entrepreneurs to make a mark in the business world.

5D Cinema Equipment Sale from Bluechip Amusements
The special effects motion theatre package indeed is special from Bluechip Amusements. It offers a complete and comprehensive visual and feel which is a special touché from one of the best 5D cinema manufacturers in India. The specialties include;

Dynamic seat movements – the dynamic seats move in alignment with the 5D film displayed, it is safe and reliable. It can role, pitch, surge, sway, yaw and heave in sync with the story on screen offering 6 degrees of freedom.

Seat Vibrations – this is the simulation that is in sync with the flow of the movie and is all the more effective during action sequences. This is built into each and every seat.

Water Sprayers – Especially for a specific perimeter with the help of automatic dispensers for water body sequences in the film, seamless jet water is used for simulation purposes.

Air Jets – airflow is let in between the seats with the help of air jets that simulate windy conditions.

Ticklers – leg ticklers, back ticklers and butt ticklers to make viewing more exciting is built into each and every seat.

Our Other Specialties Include:

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