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9d Cinema Stimulator

The latest entertainment in the world of multi-dimensional cinema transports the viewing audience into a new reality. With exploding special effects and thrilling rides mixed with some spectacular footage and simulations tantalises your sensors beyond imagination.

You can witness the latest in 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D and 9D simulator cinema. Thanks to 5D and 7D simulator manufacturers and suppliers today, viewing a movie has improvised by leaps and bounds. The newest and the latest simulator versions are laudable bringing in traffic to multi-dimensional theatres.

Scintillating Simulations
Blue Chip Amusements takes pride in offering you the best in line in technology and know-how offering seat and theatrics simulators that enable the viewing audience to experience rather than just view. Simulations aren’t restricted to only one dimension. The 3D motion simulator seats enable to replicate the movements that are part of the video that is being shown on the screen.

4D motion simulators are a little advanced with additional effects adding to the charm of watching the 3D video. Special effects like snowfall, bubbles, smoke or fog effect, rain effect, etc. add spice to the viewing public. The more multidimensional the theatre better is the experience for the audience.

Hydraulic Simulating Seats
Simulations aren’t restricted only to the effects; it is enhanced by the seats being accommodative for such experience as well. The seats offer Six degrees of freedom. They move to heaves, sways, surges, pitches, rolls and yaws. In common terms, the seats can move up & down, side to side, left and right, forward & backward and tilt. All this will be synced in unison with the video that is being played on the screen, therefore offering a close to real-time experience for the viewing public.

The hydraulic driving simulator effect is thrilling as the hydraulic forces of the seats takes charge for delivering a close to perfect emulation of real-time driving. The driving simulator equipment that we usually see in driving classes is the closest you can get to experiencing this outside of the halls of simulator 5D, 7D or 9D cinemas.

Add-on Simulations
Apart from the regulation effects and simulations there are certain add-ons that can be experienced in 5D, 7D & 9D cinema simulators. Apart from seat motions, the add-on simulations include seat vibrations, leg & feet ticklers, back & butt pokers, air & next blasts, water jets and private seat sub-woofers. The motion quality in the simulations offered by Blue Chip Amusements is precise and exceptional realistically matching with the on-screen events, thereby making the entire viewing experience highly exciting.

List of products on offer by Blue Chip Amusement are;

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